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About the program

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Welcome to King Saud University Universal Access Program(UAP) website. The program that has been established in accordance with KSU profound believe in the importance of granting universal design to individuals with disability in line with international standards. The University has Made great strides in providing services for individuals with disability through by-laws regulating receipt of such services or by providing financial or technical  support enabling them to overcome any obstacles they may encounter. Building on its solid tradition, KSU is poised to become a raw model _locally and regionally_ in creating an innovative , technology-rich and broadly accessible learning environment. Thus, UAP published three pioneering guideline manuals :

  1. KSU's students with disability services regulations and procedure guidebook.
  2. KSU web accessibility procedures guidebook.
  3. A checklist of readily  achievable barrier removal.  

Following the steps of global successful practices, UAP  also launched its web services WOSOL (MyAccess) to report any structural or technical obstacles that my render university buildings, facilities, educational materials, or webpages inaccessible. This service is considered the first of its kind among universities in the Middle East and North Africa.

Moreover, UAP addresses accessibility requirements for the design and construction of new facilities, as well as the retrofit alternation or addition to existing facilities in accordance with international parameters and regulations. It also provides relevant college staff and students with guidance to assist in the preparation, prioritization and implementation of mechanism to improve universal access throughout KSU's campus and facilities.

King Saud University Universal Access Program

KSU is committed to achieving, where practicable, universal accessibility over  its entire operation. This will contribute towards the highest standards of accessibility, environmental quality, and sustainable development. We at UAP are continuously working to meet this commitment. 


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