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تجاوز إلى المحتوى الرئيسي

About Universal Access Program

The Universal Access Program represents a unique project at the university to create a supportive environment for people with disabilities, by adhering to international standards in overcoming any architectural, technical, or educational obstacles to ensure participation and support the transformation towards a university for all, as Universal Access works to localize special applications and adaptations in accordance with the Supreme Resolution. No.: 35363 dated 9/22/1434 AH to universalize universal access in the Kingdom. As well as, providing faculty members with sufficient experiences to train and qualify persons  with disabilities for teaching and learning in an environment in which they enjoy independence. Regarding practical achievement, the program has issued five pioneering guidance policies in the field of providing educational, technical and engineering services to persons with disabilities, as well as partnering with a number of internal and external bodies to spread the concept of universal access.

The program operates through its various units to achieve the goals and vision of the university's Agency for Educational and Academic Affairs, specifically in supporting male and female students with disabilities at the university. It has achieved a set of goals from the program's annual plan, which are in line with the objectives of the university's Agency for Educational and Academic Affairs, and which have been approved by the Vice President of the university.

Program values:

The success of the program's strategic plan requires achieving the goals of the strategic plan (for the university) and defining a set of values ​​governing work at the university. It is necessary to find processes to support these values ​​so that they get  transformed from mere slogans into tangible and influential actions and be a solid foundation for university dealings at all levels. The most important values ​​that represent the basic logic governing the behaviors of project workers have also been identified, and these values ​​include the following:

• Justice in learning opportunities: We believe in the importance of achieving equity in learning opportunities and making it a legitimate right for all.

• Excellence: achieving the highest levels of quality.

• Empowerment.

• Team effort: We believe that combined efforts between all parties achieve additional value that cannot be achieved by one party alone, and we achieve this by activating the role of specialized committees.

• One goal: We believe that we are one team with one goal. Therefore, we were moved by a firm desire to achieve the university’s vision and message

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